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The above image, from my Devonian Drawer Series, was selected as a finalist in the Grand Prix de Découverte: International Fine-Art Photography Award, and was displayed at the NoFound Fair in Paris in mid - November, 2012. This ongoing series is a visual meditation on these local fossils, what their age suggests, what we leave behind, and what might be the thread that binds it all together.



In his writings, Leonardo da Vinci suggested that artists could find creativity by staring at a crumbling wall and letting the mind wander. On a recent photography excursion I found my “crumbling wall” in the form of a large, freshly poured concrete floor at a construction site. Apparently, the drying and curing process of concrete can sometimes create strange designs on the surface - most of which prove to be very ephemeral and short lived.

I was particularly taken by their beauty, these randomly formed patterns.. They exist (or did once exist) without any external references, pure unto themselves. That was the starting point for this creative journey into abstraction.

This suite of images, which can be found on my August 7th blog post, will be on display from August 9 thru September 7 at the BAU Gallery:

Beacon Artist Union

506 Main Street

Beacon NY.

Opening Reception August 9, 6pm-9pm.